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Goddess: Rhiannon, Blodeuwedd, Aphrodite, Venus, Goddess of Erotic Love
Direction: South-East
Element: Fire-water
Colours: Red
Plants: Red and pink rose, fresh green twigs from birch or beech, lilac, apple blossoms
Power Animals: White mare, horse, white dove
Magic Objects: Mirror, comb, shells
Ritual Food: May-bowl, drinks of woodruff, hot and sweet Indian dishes, sweets and bakery in the shape of the yoni
Theme: Sacred Union with your sexual partner, with the Goddess, with the Earth, celebrating eroticism and sensuality, belly dancing, dance around the “may-tree” – the sacred phallus


Goddess: Domnu, Sulis, Sedna, Mother of Oceans, Queen of the Abyss, Lady of the Lake, Lady of the Rivers and Hot Springs
Direction: South
Element: Water & sun
Colours: Water-blue with gold, turquoise
Plants: Summer flowers, water plants, grasses, elder tree flowers, St. John’s wort, oak leaves
Power Animals: Dolphin, whale, sea otter, seal, salmon
Magic Objects: The overflowing “chalice of love”, sea shells
Ritual Food: Elderberry juice or wine, elderflower pancakes, herbal soups, strawberries, cream cheese
Theme: Pregnancy of the Goddess with the fruits of earth and waters, diving into the body of the Mother of Ocean and Lakes, thanking for the clearness of our water, blessing the Sun at the turning point, solstice fires, climax of the power of light
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