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The wheel of the year is something like a spiral with eight arms or aspects; everything returns, but always changed, because life means changes and developments.
The entrance into a new chapter is always happening on three levels, the underworld, the middle-world (where we live here and now) and the upper-world. It is a long time since the frontiers between the worlds became rigid.

However, around the ritual days, the walls between the worlds become thin like veils so that contacts are more easily made. This creates a peaceful cooperation between all three powers and allows the celebration of a further turning of the wheel.

The repeated celebration of the ritual points of the wheel is connecting us more and more with the cycles of nature and cosmos and finally with “The Origin”.

When I respect, honour and celebrate the full moons and the eight festive points even with simple rituals, I renew the ancient pact between humans and the spirits of the Otherworld and I consciously sign a vice-versa contract with “The Creation”.

Just try it; your life will fundamentally and positively change!
It will become more gripping, more satisfying and meaningful and you will learn how great the powers of letting-go, transformation and adaptation are.On the following pages you will find advices for the single “holy-days”, based on the Anglo Celtic “Wheel of Ana”. (Ana is a name of the Arch Goddess)

The definitions are grounded in my own present experience and can differ, depending on the land where you live in and on your own perspectives.

It is important to question, to sense and later, to find your own understanding!

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