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On a white mare, surrounded by white birds, decorated with roses, the Queen of the Otherworld is riding over the land. Beautiful, sensual and fertile is the Goddess as Lover, who commits the Sacred Union with the Horned God on power places, from where the earth energies can spread in all directions.

Her colour is the red of the life-blood.

Born from the white waves she is often carrying mirror and comb and holds a Venus shell towards Her ear to listen to the ocean of emotions and passion.

Sometimes she is holding branches of white-thorn or apple blossoms and might be offering Her fruit to you, the shiny red apple of wisdom and love between humans and deities.
In a horizontally cut apple you will find a pentagram, one of the strongest signs of protection.

She makes the buds spring open and the juices rise in plants and trees as well as the sexual energy in animals and humans.
Follow her call, take Her offered hand, and ride with her into the “Apple land”, Avalon, a shining and fragrant world of sensuality and ecstasy.

Celebrate with yourself or together with a partner the Sacred Marriage and unify with the elemental force of life.

… another aspect of Danu, Lady of the Water, Mother of the Oceans, Lady of the Lake, Queen of the Abyss has dolphin, whale, seal and the Salmon of Wisdom as her companions.

Her colour is blue and Her talismans are shells and the chalice of the wisdom of emotions.

She can be wet, soft, warm, and receptive and caress and heal your body tenderly or she can be cold, dangerous, and destructive and devour everything with violence.

The names of many important streams are based on the worshipping of Her (Danube=Donau, Don …).
Welcome the warm summer rain, which is driving the land and its creatures towards abundance and birth, filling the springs in an endless cycle.
Dive into Her realm, honour Her in every kind of water, drink Her, allow Her to clean and nourish you.
She is also the lady of our collective subconscious and the dreams.

She offers freshness, life, nourishment and the fullness of love for all beings.

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