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She is wearing a white gown with a veil. Her symbols are spindle, loom, snowdrops and primrose. She can also be seen as a young fair lady with the wings of a swan.

Her magic animals are white swan, white wolf, snake, deer, white cow, and sheep. Her bright magic rod, which ends in a spiral, is a symbol of Her secret consort. His touch is strengthening and quickening the powers of life.

At Candle Mass or Imbolc the waters of healing are loaded again after the winter’s frost with the increasing power of the sun and with oxygen. She pours out the healing waters over us, and offers it in the Holy Grail, the Chalice of Life. It runs through our bodies and souls washing away what is ill or hindering us. It is revitalizing and satisfying our thirst.

She is also the guardian of the three holy flames: The FIRE OF INSPIRATION is nourishing and protecting all kinds of creativity, especially the poets and bards, who are the upholders and “transmissionaries” of the collective sacred knowledge and of the stories, legends and wisdoms of the ancestors.

The HEARTH FIRE is standing for the protection of the home and the family, the sacred flame in all beings and the warming flames of our affectionate relationships with others.

The FIRE OF SMITHCRAFT AND ALCHEMY is melting our low ego to the gold of our souls, ignorance into wisdom and is transforming all negative energies and blockages into light.

Call Her for acts of space clearing, for protection and for acts of healing.


… or Artemis, the wild virgin huntress, powerful, independent, and sparkling with energy is accompanied by she-bear, wolverine and the fertile moon-hare. She carries a silver Bow and Arrow.

Her festive days are the Spring Equinox and the first full moon in spring.

The colours of her dress are green and gold and She evokes a true explosion of life on the surface of earth.
The scent of fresh humid earth and of the first flowers is activating our life powers.

Her message is: Freedom, independence, determination, power and courage.

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